Jamie Overton plays historic debut at New Zealand Test

Jamie Overton recently stated that he is looking forward to having some fun on his debut challenge. Overton said he’s been loving the first three days of his England career and enjoys the feeling of the supporters’ enthusiasm for his performance.

New Zealand’s play against England made the 28-year-old Overton fall behind Tom Latham after the first ball of the evening session

On the test, New Zealand had stumbled to 168 points out of five, and England was 137 points behind.

Overton on his debut

Overton, England men’s national team debutant said he was full of joy after his very first Test.

Playing first for his country at Headingley, Overton said the test was challenging yet he was thrilled for his contribution to the team. The Englishman’s debut was against New Zealand.

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“It’s always a challenge when you first start doing something, but I feel like I did it. I’d like to take a few more wickets, but I’m more than happy to get 97. I didn’t think I’d get anything close, especially at 55 for six,” he said.

“It was fun. Obviously, I was very disappointed to reach level 97, but I feel like I have contributed to the team.”

Moreover, Overton said he was disappointed at the 97 sacked moment from New Zealand for a 241-run stand with Johnny Bairstow, who scored 162.

Overton feel the moment

As a cricketer who spent the majority of his career at Somerset, Overton said that he was glad to have played his debut at Headingley as his biggest stage so far.

He stated that he was honoured to have been involved with the crowd, and that he enjoyed the moment when he played alongside Stuart Broad, Bairstow and Stokes.

“Obviously the crowd got a little involved and we tried to cheer them up because that always helps us too,” Overton said.

The fast bowling all-rounder Overton was batting for the Test. He said that he was feel nervous with the support from others.

Overton said it he didn’t sleep very well on the night before the test as he was anxious about his debut performance. “I was tossing and turning quite a lot. I was always going to be a little bit nervous but I felt like I was in a great place this morning.” he said.

Jamie Overton bowl

Overton said he tallied a powerful bowl at speeds (it is recorded around 90mph). However, he said that the Test made him do it by dishing it out as he wanted it to.

“We didn’t go for loads of ruins but we didn’t feel like we bowled and fielded the way we wanted to,” Overton said.

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He said he is working to improve his bowl ability, including enjoying the match and putting the New Zealand team under pressure.

“Coming out after tea, it was just about trying to enjoy ourselves, put the New Zealand guys under pressure and that’s what we did.” he said.

After the first ball of the evening, Overton persuaded New Zealand’s Tom Latham to edge behind and end his debut that day.

Author: Ronald Butler